Body By Meth

What does Meth do to your body? Click on a body part to find out.




  • Heart attacks or strokes may result from heart rhythm abnormalities, high blood pressure, and other types of damage to the heart. These are usually associated with chronic Meth use and can be fatal. Heart in Overdrive

    Cardiovascular or Cerebrovascular Events
  • Open sores or infections on the cornea, the clear, outer layer of the eye. These may be caused by the toxins in the drug, and by the smoking of methamphetamine. Nicki's Story

    Corneal Ulceration
  • Excessive sweating. Meth can increase the body’s temperature and heart rate, making a user sweat profusely, even with little activity. Signs of Use

  • Rapid rotting and loss of teeth. Methamphetamine creates the “perfect storm” for decaying teeth due to dry mouth, poor diet, lack of oral hygiene, teeth grinding, and the acidity of the drug. The Perfect Storm

    Meth Mouth
  • The deterioration or wasting away of muscle tissue. Meth users often lose a lot of weight, and much of it can come from the damaging reduction of muscle mass. The Meth Diet