An uncertain future

Methamphetamine has more than just short-term effects. It can impact life in the long run--physically, mentally, and socially.

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Which of these conditions do you think would be worse?

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    Your mind is intact, but your body has physically deteriorated—rotten teeth, skeletal figure, damaged heart and liver, weakened immune system
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    You're physically fine, but your mind has deteriorated—you are paranoid and feel like you're
    constantly in danger; you can't think straight; you see, feel, or hear things that aren't really
    there; you do things you never thought possible

Meth users don't get to choose. Chronic methamphetamine use comes with both long-term physical and mental effects. Physically, Meth can ravage a user's appearance, damage organs, and compromise the immune system. And on the mental side, Meth can cause psychosis, impair a user's ability to make rational decisions, and can leave them depressed, anxious, delusional, and paranoid.