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Meth Prevention Lesson

The Meth Prevention Lesson provides teens in middle and high schools with the facts, tools, and resources to understand the risks of methamphetamine and to influence their peers. This standard-based lesson leverages MethProject.org and provides teachers with engaging, easy-to-use materials to lead a 45-minute class.

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After the class, students will understand:
  • The short- and long-term effects associated with methamphetamine use
  • The danger and toxicity of the ingredients in Meth
  • The mechanisms of Meth addiction
  • The effects of Meth on the brain, body, relationships, and the community
  • The risks of trying Meth, even once
  • How to communicate the risks of Meth to their peers and take action to prevent Meth use

The Meth Prevention Lesson employs 4 central instructional strategies:

  • "What Do You Know" Worksheet
    Six statements to engage students and get them to think about what they know about Meth
  • Interactive Content
    Interactive facts, personal stories, and videos present information from a variety of perspectives
  • Discussion Questions
    Open-ended and specific questions spur classroom discussion
  • Peer Engagement and Advocacy
    Exercises designed to equip teens with information and tools to take action and influence their peers

At the beginning of the 45-minute lesson students will test their knowledge of Meth with the 6-statement "What Do You Know" Worksheet. The class then will explore these 6 statements through discussion of selected content on MethProject.org.

Teacher Materials
  1. Lesson Overview: a one-page summary of the Meth Prevention Lesson
  2. Teacher's Guide: step-by-step instructions for the teacher to lead students through an exploration of each topic. The guide includes instructions on the most impactful content on MethProject.org and suggested discussion questions
  3. Event Report: for teachers and/or presenters to complete following a presentation of the Meth Prevention Lesson. Event reports should be sent to your local meth project office, along with the completed "What Do You Know?" worksheets.
Student Handouts
  1. What Do You Know: a one-page handout for students to reflect on 6 statements to gauge their knowledge of methamphetamine
  2. What Do You Know: teacher key
Supplemental Materials
  • Optional 3-Day Lesson - 3-Day version of the Teacher Guide that includes group projects
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